Home automation

Home is where the heart is; your space should live up to this.


By combining multiple services into easy to use controls we want to simplify our customer’s lives by providing technology and solutions the entire family can find easy to use.  EVS installs take this approach one step further by blending the technology into the home so the electronics seem to disappear.


The key to a great home automation system is being able to integrate lighting, shades, whole home audio or video distributions into a system anyone can use.  This means clients will spend more time listening to music, watching favorite TV shows or relaxing while watching a movie.






EVS uses Lutron products exclusively for their lighting designs. Lutron made their first product in 1959 and have not looked back, to date they have over 15,000 products world wide. Their products are a perfect match whether it is commercial or residential applications that you are looking for.


Every Lutron dimmer which is installed is designed to save money and the environment. The lighting control products which are currently installed through out the world help reduce electrical demand by 9.2 billion kW/h and help consumers save $1 billion dollars annually.


Their products are not only elegant with a style to match almost any decor they are sophisticated with wireless technology and automation capability. Whether it is a single room control you are seeking or powerful whole home automation, Lutron has the right products for you.






Lutron shades offer style, convince all from a company you have come to trust who has been devoted to light control since 1959. EVS is able to offer both Sivoia QS and Sivoia QS Wireless solutions for customers who are looking to automate their shade solution.


Automated Shade Solutions can save energy by allowing a space to be heated in the morning, then closing the shades to preserve the heat. This allows the heating system to be efficient as possible. Lowering the shades automatically during the late afternoon hours can keep excessive heat out of the space allowing the cooling system to only run when required; again saving energy.

Custom Lutron Shades

EVS has experience installing custom shades for any situation.


EVS is proud to offer multi-room audio solutions the entire family can enjoy for years to come. We carry both entry level products and full featured solutions.  Our entry level solutions are affordable and offer a variety of options for keypads. The available keypads are easy to use and have an elegant style which will suit any decor.


EVS also provides full featured multi-room audio solutions if you are seeking a more advanced audio system. Available options can include satellite radio, online streamers and airplay capabilities.  If you are looking for a truly customized experience EVS can integrate touch panels into our audio solutions, providing unique user experience.






EVS offers customized structured wiring solutions. Structured wiring refers to an organized wiring design for a specific purpose or future use within a residential or commercial location.  Wiring designs may include but not limited to audio, video distribution, WiFi, network, fridges, TV's, media players are just a few devices with optional features via the Internet.  Our wiring solutions will allow these devices to be used at their full extent providing years of enjoyment.






EVS is proud to offer professional video calibration services.  This service is not only designed for home theater owners but photographers, video production and sports enthusiasts; anyone who wants a more accurate picture reproduction from their display!


The purpose of such calibrations is to duplicate your display to the video monitors used by directors during the editing process of a movie.  The color technicians and directors will spend weeks, sometimes months giving each scene a certain feel or a look. This lengthy process replicates the vision the director had during the creation of the movie. By carefully taking the time to properly adjusts your display to video broadcast standards gives you picture perfect images and helps bring the movie to life!


We have a THX Certified Professional Calibrator on staff which has taken extensive training to ensure industry standards are maintained throughout the process.


Creating unique Rooms

This custom wine tasting room is the perfect spot to enjoy the world's finest collection.


EVS offers several solutions for your home theater project. Our services range from design consultants to full service project management.  EVS has trained staff that are able to help guide you through acoustical room design, interior design, lighting solutions, equipment options and placement.


EVS has a THX Certified Professional on staff which can help design an optimal acoustical environment. The THX training provides a deep understanding of acoustic interactions within the room and how to optimize the sound for the best results.


EVS has a passion for creating accurate home theater environments. We can offer advice for equipment selection and placement within the home theater.  Combined with our calibration service we can bring your dream to reality.






EVS offers professional wireless solutions from Ruckus Wireless.  EVS has been factory trained to provide the highest quality solutions from Ruckus Wireless.


Ruckus Wireless is a pioneer in the wireless infrastructure market, enabling residential and commercial clients to stay ahead of the exploding demand for high-bandwidth applications and services. The Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technology redefines what’s possible in wireless network performance with flexibility, reliability, and afford-ability. We call this Pervasive Performance.


Automated Lighting

EVS is highly trained to create easy to use lighting systems.

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