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This home features a fully automated Lutron Homeworks QS lighting system designed and installed by EVS.


This beautiful farm house is located in southern Alberta, Canada.  The home is approx 2,800 sq. ft. across three levels and has five spacious bedrooms.  Nestled onto the property is a large workshop, both buildings are surrounded by mature trees and backs onto a river.


The main floor has an open floor concept that spans the kitchen, dining and great room.  Large beams cross the open floor design and are highlighted by LED strip lighting.  Another feature of the beams are custom made iron bars that give the feeling of reinforced beams.


EVS helped design the lighting plans and co-ordinated technical information between the general contractor, electricians and the interior designer.  This communication was very valuable throughout the build as it helped keep everyone on the same page and ensured a smooth installation was possible.


Each circuit is easily controlled by Lutron's flagship lighting control system, Homeworks QS.  All circuits are controlled through lighting panels located in the mechanical room.  Each room has elegant Palladiom Keypads designed by Lutron to allow control of large lighting areas easily with the touch of a button.


The Kitchen, Dining Room and Great Room have a combined 16 circuits (switch legs) that are easily controlled by Lutron Palladiom Keypads located conveniently around the rooms.  There is a table top keypad that can provide additional controls when preparing meals.


The home is designed with elegance and simplicity for the home owner.  Each keypad has 4 buttons to allow in room controls.  Bright, Medium, Off are available on each keypad as well as a special button for adjoining rooms.  This programming allows for consistent, predictable and reliable controls throughout the home anyone can use.


The Master Bedroom has two bedside tabletop keypads that has several features.  The tabletop keypads allows the client to quickly see what rooms are in use throughout the home.  Easily control the Master Bedroom by having identical lighting scenes on the on-wall keypad at the main entrance.    The tabletop keypad can conveniently control the ceiling fan as well as have a his/her night light scene.  The night light scenes will turn on corresponding reading lamps and create a dim pathway towards the ensuite.


The home has two large guest bedrooms in the basement located beside a guest bathroom.  The hallway has Palladiom keypads at either end of the hallway but also has motion sensors to assist guests.  The motion sensors are also a great way to ensure the clients are being eco friendly by allowing the system to turn off the lights when not in use.


Condo Project

EVS award winning home automation project.

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