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This home features an easy to use Lutron lighting and shading system designed and installed by EVS.


This gorgeous home is tucked along side of a river nestled in a valley located in southern Alberta.  The home is 7,000 sq. ft. on two levels and boasts panoramic views of green grasslands.  The home is equipped with two kitchens, two family rooms, a large master bedroom, reading room, ensuite, dressing room, craft room, wine room and guest bedrooms.


The majority of the home is operated by Lutron dimmers and switches which are installed in the mechanical rooms.  In room keypads easily control multiple circuits allowing the customer to conveniently pick a lighting scene that lets them unwind at the end of the day.


The Master Bedroom, Ensuite and Dressing room have a combined 23 circuits (switch legs) that are easily controlled by a keypad located at each entrance.  Two additional Tabletop keypads provide easy control of the nearby rooms as well as the entire home.  The Tabletop keypads also include a night light button which will turn on the lights very softly for use during the evening hours.


The Kitchen and Dining area have 13 circuits (switch legs) to easily set the mood for daily food prep or hosting large parties.


The home has multiple exterior circuits and interior accent lights that turn on with sunset throughout the year.


EVS was also tasked to control the light form four large windows including the Kitchen, Family Room and two shades along the stair well.  EVS installed four Lutron shades in the home, the largest window is 18 ft tall!


Click below on the thumbnail to play the short video showing the home and large Lutron shades in operation.


Condo Project

EVS award winning home automation project.

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