Mechanical Rooms

Mech Rooms


EVS takes pride in all aspects of our work, including areas where the clients rarely see such as the Mechanical Rooms and even the back of the audio/video racks.  EVS spends countless hours ensuring every where is neat and tidy.


EVS typically installs upgraded plywood for backing which gives the mechanical rooms a softer look.  We will then secure patch panels, cable trays and other important infrastructure to the plywood with a careful, well thought-out out plan.


When it comes to the audio/video racks, we ensure we think of every detail to ensure the installation will last for years to come.  We include a wide variety of accessories designed to give the audio/video rack that utmost professionalism it deserves.


Even thought few will see it, we want our clients to be proud of their purchase.

Mech Rooms


Always looking to perfect our installs EVS never stops and is always looking to raise the bar from one install to the next.  This includes custom made cables, labels, connectors and so much more.  Contact EVS for your home automation projects or re-doing your existing audio/video racks.

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