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beautiful lighting designs

Powerful lighting designs that are easy to control.

EVS Automated Lighting


Let EVS help you light up your home's exterior to showcase your home at night.  With EVS Automated Lighting we can create beautiful night scenes that will be the envy of the whole neighborhood.


We can program the lights to turn on and off with the sunrise and sunset making your evenings easier to manage.

EVS Automated Lighting


Whether you are looking for lots of light or a relaxing shower setting let EVS design you the perfect bathroom lighting.  The more layers of light we can program with, the better we can make any room/area.

EVS Automated Lighting


EVS designs our automated lighting systems with you in mind.  We install the dimmers away from your main living areas and install easy to use keypads that can control the whole room.


With the press of a button create beautiful lighting scenes perfect for any occasion.  Whether it's for a party, dinning or relaxing, EVS can simplify your lighting experience!

EVS Automated Lighting



Soft lighting to help you wake up in the morning or relaxing in the soaker tub.  Our lighting designs can help elevate your lighting experience whether it's a bathroom or living room you want to enhance, contact EVS today!

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